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  • Customized Fabric Sponge Cutting Machine CUM-CSF007M

    Customized Fabric Sponge Cutting Machine CUM-CSF007M

    Suitable for shredding various sponge, foam waste . Used screen cloth which can change to control the finial production. The size of screen cloth is : ?15、?25 can be choose . ( The machine equips 2 size screen cloth , other size can be made to order ) . The machine is extremely easy to maintain broken mechanical parts .


  • Foam Shredder  CUM-CSF007S

    Foam Shredder CUM-CSF007S

    Cumond foam shredder cum chipper machine is suitable for polyurethane foam waste chipping shredding and recycling. The machine is very compact size and also compatible for sponge and rubbers. The machine having low noise and low dust and provided mesh changing facility.


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