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  • What type of refrigerant is generally uses in industrial chillers?

    Now, if there is no special requirement for chiller refrigerant, it is HCFC-22, which is R22, and its boiling point is -41 degrees. Physicochemical properties: R22 (Freon22, difluorochloromethane Chlo... More...

  • Other applications of chillers

    2020-07-16 Cumond Machinery

    Other applications of chillers

    Cumond designs and fabricates water chiller systems including water cooled and air cooled chillers. We supply chilling systems and chillers to a wide variety of industrial processes and machinery, and... More...

  • Craft Brewery Chiller

    2020-07-16 Cumond Machinery

    Craft Brewery Chiller

    The making of craft brewery is an amazing biochemical process. The malted barley is crushed and fed into a mash tun, then into lauter tun where water is added at specific temperature. This mixture of... More...

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