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The working principle of scroll chiller

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Scroll Chiller is a kind of water cooling equipment. Its working principle is to inject a certain amount of water machine inside the water tank, first will water cooling through the cooling system, again by cryogenic cooling water pump into the cooling equipment, chilled water will heat temperature after it was taken back into the water again, achieve the effect of cooling. The cooling water temperature can be adjusted automatically according to the requirement. Therefore, Scroll Chiller is a standard energy-saving equipment.

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The cooling principle of industrial Scroll Chiller:

The industrial Scroll Chiller system operates through three interrelated systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system, electrical control system.

Refrigerant circulation system:

Liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the heat in the water and began to evaporate, eventually formed certain temperature difference between refrigerant and water, after the liquid refrigerant also completely evaporate into a gas compressor suction and compression (pressure and temperature increase), gaseous refrigerant absorbs heat through the condenser (air/water), condenses into liquid, through the thermal expansion valve or capillary throttle into low temperature low pressure refrigerant entering the evaporator, after completing the process of refrigerant cycle.

The refrigeration system is basically composed:

Compressor: the compressor is the core component of the whole refrigeration system and also the source of the compressor compression. Its effect is to convert the input energy into mechanical energy, which compresses the refrigerant.


In the process of refrigeration, the condenser ACTS as an output heat and condenses the refrigerant. From the refrigeration compressor exhaust pressure superheated steam entering the condenser, its entire in the working process of the absorption of heat, including from the evaporator and the compressor and the heat absorbed in the pipe are passed to the surrounding medium (air or water) away; Refrigerant superheated steam condenses into liquid. (according to the different cooling medium and cooling mode, the condenser can be divided into three types: water cooled condenser, air-cooled condenser, evaporative condenser.)


The reservoir is installed in the condenser and is connected directly to the drain pipe of the condenser. The refrigerant liquid of the condenser should flow unimpeded into the receiver so as to make full use of the cooling area of the condenser. On the other hand, when the evaporator's thermal load changes, Scroll Chiller the demand for refrigerant liquid changes accordingly. At that time, the liquid storage device ACTS as a conditioning agent and storage refrigerant. For small refrigeration systems, it is often not to load the liquid, but to use the condenser to adjust and store refrigerant.

Dry filter:

Must prevent moisture and dirt in the refrigeration cycle (such as oil, iron, copper scrap) to enter, main sources of water is the newly added refrigerant and lubricating oil contain trace moisture, or because the maintenance system of air into the water. If the system in the water is clean and has not been ruled out, when the refrigerant through the throttle valve (thermal expansion valve or capillary), Scroll Chiller due to the pressure and temperature drop sometimes frozen into ice water, make the channel block, affect the normal operation of refrigeration equipment. Therefore, the drying filter must be installed in the refrigeration system.

Thermal expansion valve:

Thermal expansion valve in the cooling system is not only the flow regulating valve, throttle valve in cooling equipment, Scroll Chiller it in the refrigeration equipment installed in the filter drier, between the evaporator and its thermal bag is wound in the evaporator outlet. Its main role is to make high pressure under normal temperature of the refrigerant liquid flows through the heat expansion valve throttling depressurization, into the low temperature low pressure refrigerant vapor (mostly liquid, a small steam) into the evaporator, vaporization heat within the evaporator, and achieve the goal of refrigeration cooling.


Evaporator is a heat transfer device that relies on the evaporation of a refrigerant's liquid (actually boiling) to absorb heat from the cooled medium. Its function in the refrigeration system is to absorb heat (or output cold). In order to ensure that the evaporation process can be carried out in a stable and lasting way, the evaporative gas must be pumped out continuously by the refrigeration compressor to maintain certain evaporation pressure.


Most industrial Scroll Chiller used in modern industry use R22 or R12 as refrigerants. Refrigerant is the liquid work in the refrigeration system, its main function is to carry heat, and to achieve endothermic and exothermic when the state changes.


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