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Pharmaceutical Chiller

2020-07-16 17:19:23 Cumond Machinery 47

Pharmaceutical Chiller

According to different form of final pharmaceutical products, factory use various manufacturing processes to manufacture their products, such as blenders, extrusion or hot melt extrusion equipment, mixers, or jacketed vessels. Almost each process requires heating, cooling or both during manufacturing, therefore temperature control is one of the most important step during pharmaceutical production and that is why pharmaceutical chiller is the best solution for pharmaceutical chilling.

Why pharmaceutical chiller is required?

Due to inherent chemical properties of pharmaceuticals, some of them is sensitive to processing time and temperature exposure, therefore pharmaceutical processing needs to be chilled all the time with water chillers to ensure top quality of final products.

Cumond pharmaceutical chillers are optimized for utilization in chemical and pharmaceutical applications so they are a reliable and economically pharmaceutical cooling solution. Our pharmaceutical chillers has so many advantages, say large cooling capacity, precise temperature control, constant cooling output. All these features help to reduce production time, to decrease cost and to enhance product quality.


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