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Food & Beverage Chiller

2020-07-16 17:19:07 Cumond Machinery 29

Food & Beverage Chiller

Specialize in designing and manufacturing beverage chiller for food and beverage process, especially for liquid yeast cooling and product tank cooling, including brewery, winery, cidery, distillery, Kombucha and other fermented craft processing.

Our beverage chiller in the beverage industry are used as a chilling system to remove the heat gained from the process during mixing, cooking, fermentation or after pasteurizing the product. Of course Coolsoon water chillers are also can be used for many other applications. If you have any question on cooling during your beverage processing, just contact us.

Cumond Machinery beverage chillers can remove heat  and keep constant temperature you need during  your food & beverage processing. And they are available in various size to meet your cooling demand.


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