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Daily maintenance and maintenance of industrial chillers

2020-07-19 05:52:01 CUMOND MACHINERY 71

In order to do the daily maintenance and maintenance of industrial chillers, we first understand the industrial chiller.

The industrial chiller uses a single compressor or multiple compressors in parallel. Each compressor has its own independent refrigeration circuit. All compressors are commanded by a unified microcomputer control system. Each compressor is turned on and off. Mutual interference, suitable for factories with various plastic molding equipment, also for mechanical equipment that needs to cool the machine temperature, such as machine tools. It is also suitable for industries such as bleaching and dyeing industry, electroplating industry, food industry, sauna and other places that need cooling water temperature, jewelry processing and other industries. The poor heat dissipation effect of the industrial chiller condenser may cause the condensing temperature and the corresponding condensing pressure to be too high, causing the chiller high-voltage protection device to operate and stop, or even cause a malfunction.

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In order to ensure the normal operation of industrial chiller equipment, we must do the following work on industrial chiller maintenance:

1. Shutdown sequence: first turn off the compressor, then turn off the cooling fan;

2. Installation environment: good ventilation and low temperature;

3. Condenser: Regularly inspect and clean the condenser;

4. Valve: to ensure that the valve is not damaged, the relevant is related to the opening;

5. The unit is not used for a long time, sometimes the pump impeller will be blocked by the sediment, so turn the pump cooling fan by hand before using the machine. During the operation of the unit, the parameters should be recorded in a timely and correct manner;

6. During the long-term shutdown of the unit, all the wind water in the cold water system should be drained to prevent rust;

7. Regularly check the lubricating oil, if there is a problem, even if the lubricating oil is replaced;

8. During the operation of the unit, it is strictly forbidden to short the water flow switch to avoid freezing the water pipe;

9. The equipment room should be equipped with corresponding safety equipment and maintenance testing tools, such as pressure gauges, thermometers, etc., and the tools should be stored in a fixed position;

10. After the unit is shut down, do not turn off the main power supply;

I have recognized some solutions to the problems of industrial chillers in daily maintenance. Doing a good job in daily maintenance is not only an important way to save resources and improve the energy efficiency of the unit, but also an important way to extend the service life of the unit.

Maintenance of industrial chiller: The user must carry out regular cleaning and maintenance work on the industrial chiller (air-cooled chiller, water-cooled chiller, screw chiller). Because it is any kind of equipment, each Due to the long-term coupling operation or friction, the assembly will inevitably cause a certain degree of wear and tear, which will naturally lead to failure.


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